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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is Algebra Simple for Homeschoolers only?

A:  No. This program has been set up to teach, test and grade.  This makes it very useful to Homeschoolers and other self-contained schooling systems.  However, the videos can be easily used as a supplement to a regular public or private school Algebra class.  I have found that most students would rather fail than ask questions in class.  Algebra Simple provides the answers to these questions.

Q: What is the cost of Algebra Simple?

A: Algebra Simple requests a donation of $25. Please see detailed information at Donate.

Q:  Did you write the textbook??

A:  The text book is an open source book written by Tyler Wallace. For a free copy of the original book, please go to:   http://www.wallace.ccfaculty.org/book/Beginning_and_Intermediate_Algebra.pdf .

(Wallace and ccfaculty are not in any way associated with Algebra Simple.)

The actual book that is used for Algebra Simple is a version of Mr. Wallace's text that has been heavily edited.

Q:  May I use a calculator in this course?

A:  Calculator use is at the discretion of your "teacher." There are two schools of thought on the use of calculators. I am pro-calculator, but many schools are opposed to them.

Q:  May I use a calculator on the SAT, ACT or ASVAB?

A:  You may on the SAT and ACT, but the Military (ASVAB) does NOT allow you to use a calculator.

Q:  Is Algebra II available?

A:  At this time Algebra II is not available. If we receive enough donations, we will have the time and resources to build an Algebra II class.

Q:  Do I take the tests online?

A:  No, the tests will be emailed to you.  When you sign up, we will email to you the following four documents:  an Algebra I text book (.pdf), 14 Tests, Test Answers and a four page Dictionary.