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No. This program has been set up to teach, test and grade.  This makes it very useful to Homeschoolers and other self-contained schooling systems.  However, the videos can be easily used as a supplement to a regular public or private school algebra class.  I have found that most students would rather fail than ask questions in class.  Algebra Simple provides the answers to these questions.

Algebra Simple is $25.  This includes a one-year access to the videos, a free algebra book (.pdf) and 14 Tests. This is everything you will need for a complete Algebra I class.  There are no other charges.

The $25 charge is for the Algebra Simple videos. The text book is free. For a free copy of the book, please go to:   http://www.wallace.ccfaculty.org/book/Beginning_and_Intermediate_Algebra.pdf

(Wallace and ccfaculty are not in any way associated with Algebra Simple.)  The actual book that is used for Algebra Simple is a version of Mr. Wallace's text that has been heavily edited.

You may on the SAT and ACT, but the Military (ASVAB) does NOT allow you to use a calculator.

AlgebraSimple is dependent on donations.  If our community is properly generous, we will be able to put together the next phase of AlgebraSimple which is Algebra II.

No, the tests will be emailed to you.  When you sign up, we will email to you the following four documents:  an Algebra I text book (.pdf), 14 Tests, Test Answers and a four page Dictionary.